Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tea, Toast and Tunes with Jonny Gill

Every first Thursday of the month the amazingly talented Mr Jonny Gill hosts an Open Mic night here at The Artful Dodger. Playing original tracks from his totally awesome album "Thieves, Ghosts and Giants" and other compositions including "Shitting man" plus classic cover songs we all know and love.

There's Tea (lots of Tea) and Free Toast available also home made Iced Tea made fresh on the day.
It's Free Entry and starts about 8ish and goes on til lateish... 

Come along and have a go yourself if you're so inclined, we always like to see and hear some new talent.

Reviews include..

"Jonny Gill is fast becoming one of York's most loved acoustic performers. Through relentless gigging on both the acoustic and rock/metal scene, he's a seasoned performer who's also mastered the art of writing a brilliant pop song" Shattered Glass Media

"An incredible Voice, an incredible talent and an absolutely perfect musician."  Riff

"I wanna keep him in my wardrobe to cheer me up when i'm being "Dreadful"..." Gaz the Doorman

"He's like a tiny Rainbow with a voice like a horny Angel. If I was a girl he could do me up the wrongun." Yog The Manager

"Faggot" shitting racegoer (Probably Geordie) in the Black Swan

Jonny is Not This Guy... although he is good too...

Dates are as follows
Thursday 4th October
Thursday 1st November
Thursday 6th December
Thursday 3rd January
Every first Thursday of the month.

Get down folks!

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